Today, you can see many business people around the world and they made their success in any particular fields. Similarly, in networking systems, Simon Kissel invented so many products in order to help corporate and other companies to get rid of from internet related issues. Moreover, he developed many products related to computer networking technologies and he has started his ventures regarding on the same. The logical consequences of his past experiences will make him start Kissel Ventures at 2011. He started his career as a computer shop owner then slowly developed his skills being a computer man. Sooner, he developed world’s leading chit chat server and it has survived with DotCom boom. And bust for some reasons in later periods.

Basically, he has more knowledge towards logical reasoning and techniques. Therefore he invented one product which provides a dashing revolution in computer networking field. At the same time, he introduced this product to all the companies and offered a better solution for their all kind of internet issues; therefore, he has established Viprinet GmbH in 2006 to serve people.

This company has created massive market growth and about thirty employees made this company as the world’s leading company with regards to computer router and networking technology. In 2011, Simon Kissel started a new venture called Nerdherrschaft GmbH it is an innovative development enterprise which has the best sector of employees and offering better performance at their work in order to make the company best in software development. Along these Kissel Ventures now he started concentrating on investment activities to other leading companies. Being a good start Kissel developed many products in Kissel Ventures and now investing his profits towards management investments activities. By doing this he can take his ventures to future developments with respect to the employment of his innovative ideas.