You should know that the hair fibers can be used with almost any type of hair. It will work or fine hair as well as coarse hair, hair of small length as well as long. Even if your hair has been coloured or highlighted, the hair fiber will work wonderfully with your hair. You have to understand that application of the hair fiber is quite easy in nature. You can also visit the website of the seller from which you are getting the hair fiber and look into the section regarding how to apply the fiber and know whatever you want.

You will be able to make use of the fibersin the different areas of your head where the hair is thinning. You can do this by standing in front of a mirror. The application of the fiber to the hair requires a certain amount of time.
It actually depends upon the area of the thinning hairline and the amount of skill you have for applying the fibers. If you have short hair, then it will not take much time to apply the hair building fibersin your hair. Once you get used to the feeling of adding the fibers, it will not be taking too much of a time to get it done regularly.
Hair fibers
For getting the best results out of this application of hair fibers, you must firstly dry your hair, and then style it before you apply the fibers. You can also comb after adding the fibers to your hair.
You should be using a wide toothed comb if you are combing your hair after applying the fibers. The combing is done mostly for shaping the hair instead of grooming it. The hair loss concealer can be kept in place by patting with your fingers too.