One of the common problems of any household work is to deal with the กำจัดปลวก (Termite) . These little creatures live in the old corners of your house, and you do not see them usually. But if you take out the old favorite book of yours, you can see the holes inside the pages. The experience can be similar when you look at the old wooden furniture. You antique wooden piece can get ruined, and there is nothing you can do by yourself. As they remain hidden, it is not possible for you to take them out one by one, and kill them.

What should you do?
When it comes to dealing with termite, there is something you need to learn and do, in order to make them go away.
• You need to ensure that your wooden furniture is cleaned regularly, and if possible, try some oil while cleaning it.
• If you can, keep your old antique wooden piece at the place, where the sun is peeking through. Sunlight is an excellent remedy to kill termite.
• The old but gold cardboard technique can work wonder, as it will attract the termites, and you can get rid of the cardboard boxes quickly.

Take help from expert regarding termite issue
If you are living in an old place, and there is nothing you can do in order to make the insects go away, then you know it’s time to take help from the professional. The experts will come to your house, and use their special tools, to help you get rid of those creatures. They will help you understand about the product so that you can get the knowledge about them, and restrict them if you are allergic to it. They also help you to eliminate rodents and make your house insect free. So call the expert, and leave the matter to their hands.