Health is always a crucial factor for the existence of human life. You might have seen lots of fresh water tanks that are properly maintained that is without regular cleaning and this can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria. If this happens for a long period of time, the contamination of water by the bacteria would be too high and it will definitely degrade the health of people who inhale such water.

Instead of reacting to the maintenance issues of water tanks after the level of bacteria is high, it would be better if you could respond at the initial stages of bacterial growth so that you can reduce it effectively. There is no vaccine for the accurate treatment of this disease and so it is better to avoid the arousal of the infectious bacteria in water bodies. This is possible only if proper cleaning is done to the water tanks or air conditioners so that you can avoid the existence of bacteria and this ensures your health to be safe. If the water body is small, maintenance of such man-made system would be easy but if it is big then it would be a different scenario.

When the water system is too large, then you could not control the bacterial growth in the way that you are expecting. The elimination of Legionella bacteria in large scale water systems would be comparatively difficult and in order to do this, a proper plan is essential. legionella risk assessment is such plan which is very much in use in UK and it is also recommended to be regulated by law as per the health standards. The Legionnaires disease risk assessment tackles with the issues like how the bacteria enters the water system and by this you can analyze how you can try to reduce it.