Alpha Brain is health company that supplies peak performance both emotionally and physically to support, an American well-being and the flagship nootropic for Onnit. Alpha Brain consists of all-natural “World-grown” nutrientsthat enhance cognitive function by activating certain aspects of neurotransmission. Supplementation with Alpha Brain can lead to progress in memory, focus and mental clarity. As an extra incentive, some users have discovered that its use leads to improved sleep heavy and quality, lucid dreams.

The Sources of Alpha Brain
The thought for Alpha Brain was born when Onnit creator Aubrey Marcus requested actor, comic and TV presenter Joe Rogan what formula he’d most like to use on a regular basis. Aubrey began working on it straight away when Joe expressed his interest in a nootropic formula. Just 6 months or so after, Alpha Brain was created.

Joe Rogan is open to trying different items to delve deeper into the abilities of your head, and has a heavy fascination with cognitive improvement. He even goes as far as to engage insensory deprivation to “develop the head” by floating in the dark in a silent isolation tank.

Before Alpha Brain was developed, Joe were dabbling in nootropics for some time, but Alpha Brain was the very first supplement which he says he “did not need to do anything without.” He reports that the most noticeable effect for him was dramatically enhanced better verbal recall, saying “It appears to fire up your brain at an increased RPM degree… I feel like it helps me form sentences better.” Rogan is aprominent advocate of Alpha Brain.