The liver is one of the big parts of a body that help to absorb the food. Also, it works as a filter to the body. To keep the healthy liver, you have to take the vast amount of water in a day. That means about two litter of water is necessary to drink per day. We are constantly losing water through urine or sweat. You have to take more water for balance it. Water is best liver cleansing ingredients and if you are suffering from liver clogging, then you should have to drink more water and beverages like juice, green tea and much more. For getting a fast result, you also can take liver cleanse pills .

Liver cleanse pills are the medical solution for the liver clogging. Those pills are available in the medical stores, and you can use it to solve the liver problems. These pills contain all the required ingredients like vitamin C, fatty acids, selenium, potassium, allicin and much more.
Reasons which harm the liver
• The unwanted diet plan
• Junk food
• Lack of water consumption
• Ludicrous lifestyle, etc
With some food plan, you can remove the toxins and active liver enzyme that help you to maintain a healthy body. Some foods are as-
• Leafy green vegetables
• Beets and carrots
• Green tea
• Apple
• Garlic
• Olive oils, etc

These food items contain some nutrients which help to keep the liver healthy. You should include the best food items in a regular diet and do regular exercise. The physical activity also is the best way to get the healthy body. Liver detox food i.e. removes the junk food and adds the healthy food in the diet plan for liver cleansing. If you are struggling liver toxin problem, then you have to face a headache, and nausea. By taking healthy food items, you can remove these problems.