The great news is that there’s a very easy response, if you’re wondering the best way to find out who owns a domain you want. The records of who owns which domain names are organized somewhat like a phone book, which it is possible to get through any company who can search in the database called whois parser api .
You’ll find a slew of firms that will offer to look up, often for free, the owner of any domain name if you are doing an internet search for WHOIS you select. Your results will differ according to the popularity of the domain, so here is a little of what to anticipate.

Should you be hunting for a popular and well known domain, you may receive a lot of info about it. The owner may not be a group of businesses or a company, although one individual. In addition to the info by what firms possess the name, you may learn in what cities they have been situated in, their phone number, fax number, email address and much more. Make an effort to speak to someone who’s more experienced in the company or in a domain newsgroup, should you be unsure about the way to comprehend these details.
You may locate more fundamental results with parsed whois api should you be hunting for a name you only made up that just isn’t yet popular. Just one individual may have filed the name, by which case you may find their tips out and it’ll be a lot easier than the advice received about the businesses. The individual is going to have some form of contact information accessible in order to use it to get a hold of them. They may be thinking about selling the name, which would mean you happen to be quite definitely in chance.