Features of cartoons character
The cartoonists create his character, his drawings, and paintings in order to spread messages. Trump cartoons are not the exception of it. Each cartoon consists some common features. They are as follows:
• Symbols: An object, a logo, a sign can be a symbol. But it should be related to the concepts, ideas, people, place, atmosphere that the cartoonist wants to produce.
• Colors: It is related to feelings and emotions. It is another important feature. It makes the cartoon more attractive and effective. Colors help to express abstract ideas.
• Caricature: It is basically an over emphasized image representation for the purpose of simple fun.
• Stereotypes: It is used to make the characters easy recognizable to others.

Hillary memes – Little information about Hillary Clinton
Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was born on 26th of October, 1947 in Chicago. In her school, she was involved in sports like baseball and swimming. She has graduated in Political Science. She has done her post-graduation in law. Her successful political career is very much inspirational. Hillary Memes are now popular internet story.
Difference between traditional and real life
Let’s see following points in this regard:
• Traditional cartoons are mostly famous among children. Few are addictive to it. But elders tend to real life cartoons.
• The subject matter for tradition cartoon is very much simply and made for children. But the real life cartoon involves serious, complex and adult subject matters.
• People are more curious about real time cartoons than traditional as real time cartoons reveal massages about celebrities. They may be film stars, politicians, and other famous personality.
• Traditional cartoon characters are limited. But there is no limitation in real time one.
In one hand Donald Trump is a Businessman, a television personality, on the other hand, a successful politician. Trump memes represent his success story.