Every child grows up with a different dream. For some it’s to be a doctor, while for others it is to be an astronaut. However, most of the kids in their teens want to be an actor. They have posters of their favorite actors in their rooms and follow those celebrities on social media. You too might have had that dream once, or might have it even now. So, let’s have a look at some of the reasons why everyone wants to be an actor.
Money: If you search for celebrity net worth on the internet, you will find out that some of the richest people in the world film stars. They have huge houses, luxury cars and many other expensive things. And for successful stars the celebrity net worth keeps on increasing because they are never out of work. After all there is no retirement age in this industry. There are some actors who started their careers at a young age and acted in movies for several decades. Their celebrity net worth is way more than a normal person can even think of making.
Fame: There is no better way to be famous around the world than to star in a really good film. While most people are not even famous in their part of the city, actors are known in every house. Wherever they go people recognize them in a second and start asking for an autograph or a photo. It is not possible to get this time of fame in any other occupation.
Influence: Obviously, a certain level of influence comes with this type of fame and money. People tend to listen to you and follow you, which give an opportunity to bring good change. And film stars often use this to encourage others to do good deeds.