In order to eradicate pollution, it is very important to do air quality testing. The testing will provide you lot of information regarding the pollution. You can collect a lot of data from the testing and keep them for reference. The data will help you to do the future works at scale. You can track your process and find out which one to enhance and where to improve. You will have overall control of the processes.

Advantages of air quality testing
• You will come across various unknown information that you have never known before, and you can share with others.
• The test results will provide you the concretebasis, and you will have reason to carry on with the treatment.
• The people will be more aware once they get to see the test result. You can reveal the result to them.
• The results of the test will help you to keep track of the treatment processes and methods on a periodic basis.
The people should start to take precautions and save water for the future. There are already great water shortages in some parts of the world. People are buying drinking water on a daily basis to survive and live. The drinking water has already taken a toll on the people. You need to take those as examples and start preserving drinking water and treating the waste water. You should try to use and waste as little as possible. There has been a huge wastage of water than drinking or using it for other beneficial purposes. There is various instruments and equipment available for water testing.
Processes that you can follow
• You can start rain water harvesting by collecting the rainwater in underground tanks.
• You can start ground water harvesting and try wasting less amount of water.
You can also treat the waste water so that you can use it again. You need to reuse the water by treating it. The local exhaust ventilation is also another process to reduce pollution.