All bookmakers play a certain role in womens footy betting. In fact, bookmakers enjoy a fundamental advantage in womens footy bets. This is because bookies participate in every available betting market. Consider a H2H betting market between two strong teams, Team A and Team B. Few days before the game starts, bookmakers will quote that Team A has a price of $1.85 and Team B $2.05. Because it is the public’s view that both teams are evenly matched, bookmaker quotes will be very close together. This is a situation all bookmakers love because they know perfectly that these two teams will attract as many punters as possible.
Regardless of which team wins the match, the bookmaker will be in a good position of using the wagers from all losers to pay all winners. Furthermore, they will be in a good position of collecting a fee from percentage of all winning bets or from the margins they put before the game starts. The fact that bookmakers participate in every womens footy betting market gives them a huge advantage and the reason why regardless of how many people win their bet, they will never run out of money. For a punter, therefore, the most important thing is to learn how to calculate value in the prices given by bookies before placing a bet. Even though either way bookies will make a profit, calculating value will enable a player back a team that will earn them good money.
Bookmaker participation in AFLW betting makes them give certain teams odds that are always in their favor regardless of the number of people that win their wagers. Many punters do not know how to read womens footy odds and they always back teams that are the favorites to win their respective matches. While backing favorites is important, this should also be done by reading their odds to determine whether they have some value in it.